Kids have rights too! They are not play dolls. Kids become adults. Don’t screw them up.” . .

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2 thoughts on “KIDS HAVE RIGHTS TOO

  1. This makes me think about something I read recently.

    Right now, in Canada, there’s an ongoing debate about whether or not kids can deny an ear piercing their parents are forcing them to get. Every year, thousands of little girls are forced to get their ears pierced because their mom wants them too. Right now, where it stands with the law, if the child is under 18, the parent gets to decide. But, if a seven year old or eight year old or nine year old, or any age girl really doesn’t want her ears pierced, why does mom get to force that on her?

    I’m personally against it. Kids should get to decide. When I read your post, that’s what I thought about. Kids have rights – or, at least, they should have rights. Especially when it comes to things the government has not previously given time towards thinking about. Ya know?

    Sorry for the rambling comment.

    • They shouldn’t be forced to do anything against their will if it is unnecessary. The post is for adults who treat kids as having no memory when they are little, assuming traumatic situations won’t be remembered by a child, treating children like a toy doll they can do whatever they like to, assuming that what they inflict on a child in childhood is not an issue in adulthood, seperating childhood from adulthood as they they are different worlds or worlds apart. Kids grow up, kids remember, traumatised kids become adults with post traumatic stress disorder!!

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